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What is involved?




Here are some problems that respond well to osteopathic treatment:

  • back pain relief (low back, pelvis, and upper back)
  • neck and shoulder pain and stiffness, some of which may be giving headaches from computer /office work
  • pain from "trapped" or inflammed nerves, eg sciatica
  • backache due to altered posture in pregnancy
  • treatment of shoulder problems, eg  rotator cuff injury

And much more, please ask



A first consultation with an osteopath involves the  case history - with details about your problem, how it occurred and any history of similar or other problems. The osteopath will also ask about general health as this may have an effect on the type of treatment most appropriate for you. Please read our Privacy notice which gives GDPR update. 


An assessment of the injury will follow, plus a treatment protocol proposed, followed by  treatment as agreed with you. The first session takes about 45-60 minutes (depending on the length of the case history).



Subsequent treatment sessions last 25-30 minutes including rehabilitation exercises.



Many rehabilitation exercises  prescribed by Michelle  are Pilates or core stability based, as many of us have weak "core" muscles (ie the deep supporting and stabilising muscles).





Many people are suprised to hear that ostopaths treat not only backs and necks, but also shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, feet, and muscle/ligament strains and tears.These can be either as a result of repetitive overuse (as many minor sports injuries are) or acute injuries. Osteopaths can help with rehabilitation and strengthening/stretching




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